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Smart Mailer 4 (8.5×5.5 Postcard)


1 Mailer with landing page, SMS text, 800# and 1 Facebook campaign

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Do you know why your past Direct Mail campaigns haven’t been as successful as they could have been? Because you didn’t have a way to capture those leads the moment they took an action. Smart mailers fix this with an Omni Channel approach using unique identifiers for each potential customer guaranteeing that whether they act through the landing page, QR code, call in or SMS text you will have their information waiting for you in your lead funnel CRM. Take the guess work out of mail and never have to worry about filling your lead funnel again. Set your campaign up for a 1 month trial or 6 month campaign. Remember it all starts with building the right demographics for your campaign with our easy to use DQUI so we encourage you to have one of our list specialists help you with your custom list free of cost! Just ask for a list specialist in the chat button on the bottom right of your screen.